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  • Size: A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in) or (148 x 210 mm)
  • Printing: PDF pages are sized for printing on regular A5 paper. Print at 100% (real size) without setting your printer to scale to fit the page. Two A5 inserts can also fit on A4 paper (pdf files included).

Ink-friendly, functional, minimalist and stylish A5 Printable Inserts: Monthly Meal Planner + Grocery List.

I developed this templates to help you shop and cook more efficiently by planning your meals in advance for an entire month! The Grocery list will help you manage all the necessary products you need to buy for this month. Print it and put it into your planner or on the fridge to write down notes quickly.

PDF files include:

1. Monthly Meal Planner
- A two-page Monthly Menu Plan with 7 columns designating each day of the week across the top. It also has a space for the month and date. It goes in two variations: with and without lines.

2. Grocery List:
- one page containing titles of the product categories, such as Dairy, Meat & Seafood, Bakery, Pasta & Cereals, Fruits & Vegetables, Spices & Herbs, Beverages, Households, Other.
- and one page untitled
3. Facing pages for faster printing on A4 paper are also included in the PDF.

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