Love creating functional and well-designed, ink-friendly, stylish, minimal, and clean printable planner inserts.

My name is Anastasiya. I love traveling, being organized, and planning my tasks and obligations in order to have more free time with my family. I’ve always loved to be organized. I like to make plans daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, to remember the birthdays of close friends and relatives, to have lists on-hand for unexpected situations, and to define goals and projects. All these strategies help me ride the wave of my busy life, growing personally and improving the quality of my life. After becoming acquainted with Flylady’s system, I also started to make a Control Journal for my family. I love the idea of having all the family information in one place, now everything I need is in my A5 notebook, a cozy home for family notes and ideas.

For years my experience in planning and time management has been growing, and it became especially helpful when my daughter was born 8 years ago. As a mom, I have to be organized even more, and she helped me to optimize my knowledge and also inspires me all the time with new ideas.

Combining style with functional, effective products is my passion. That’s why everything I create has a unique purpose: to schedule a day, to plan a vacation, to synthesize important information, to develop a child’s mind, to bring joy to the people we love. I love the union of minimalism and functionality artfully combined with good design. Even when I can access information digitally, I prefer paper and hand-written notes. When you write, check off tasks, draw or put new thoughts on paper as they emerge, you allow your ideas to reach their full potential.

I want to share the inserts and pages from my planner and FlyLady’s control journal that my family and I have found most helpful. We hope this will help you and bring some excitement to everyday organization.